Train Your Dog To Stop Biting

Train Your Dog To Stop Biting


One of the friendliest creatures, dogs can often be dangerous enough to injure or even kill humans. Dog bites have given impetus to a deadly disease called rabies, which a few decades back had no cure. As per the World Health Organisation, statistics have recorded 29 million people having taken rabies vaccine shots across the globe.

Despite this, the United States has dog enthusiasts in the country. This is evident from the fact that 33 percent of Americans adopted pets during the recent Covid-19 Pandemic. People in America believe in training their pets and 48 percent of households have small dogs, while the rest have large-sized dogs.

Hence, the most important aspect of keeping dogs is their training to refrain them from biting. It is believed that puppies are the greatest learners, for, at their age, they can follow the most intensive training schedules with the utmost ease. Hiring trainers has greatly aided in-house training of dogs and has even reduced puppy biting.

While some masters learn from video courses, the current year, with the Covid pandemic striking, has led people to try various online options. While researching the best training methods, dog owners realized the significance of the best online Dog Training courses in 2021.

It is important to know why dogs bite. To answer the same, provocation, running, and touching them when they are unwell are the most obvious reasons. Unless, of course, they are trained to bite for security reasons.

In most cases, trends have shown people training their dogs to stop biting. Let's explore a few methods for doing the same thing:

  • Help your dog to socialize: Socialization plays a huge role in getting a puppy or dog to get accustomed to the people around them. It helps rule out situations where the dog could fear people and may even help them get friendly.
  • Using dog toys: It is always advisable to be calm and patient with dogs. They learn what you preach. While playing, always be compassionate, and you may even use toys that they can chew to get rid of teething issues they may be facing or enjoy the toys. These are habits that you could easily achieve through house training a dog.
  • Positive Reinforcement helps: One highly effective method for training a dog is positive reinforcement. Once you reward your dog for every good action and punish it for every bad behavior, the dogs learn to grasp what they will be applauded for. The trainers from the most professional dog training courses and institutes use this method. It also helps them to instill discipline and obedience in dogs.
  • Training starts early: Puppies are gentle, and not to forget, training at this stage lays a strong foundation for them to learn and grasp disciplinary commands.

To help them with bite inhibitions, which is basically to control the intensity of their bites, other methods also help, like preventing them from jumping at people and, at times, helping them stay calm in their crate. In fact, a vital aspect of puppies is the right training to stop them from biting.

  • Never discourage growling: It is never a good idea to stop your dog from growling, as growling is a warning signal for dogs to indicate their discomfort in a situation that may lead them to snap. The ultimate formula that works alongside professional training for dogs is love, which must always be showered on them.


Even though all of these methods have been tried and tested, trainers from well-known professional dog training institutes have made a significant difference in the lives of dogs and puppies. For a well-disciplined dog or puppy, effective training is imperative.