Coming from the Latin word for “tailor (“sartor”), Sartoro was established in 2020 in New York City by three renowned designers Andy Fine, Shannon Bender, and Kim Mesches. It is a designer suit store that markets their products online. Initially, Sartoro creates a new horizon in custom fashion, which will spread the craft at a low price and with a modern brand image among all fashion-conscious people. 

Sartoro is defined by its fusion of New York design, world-class craftsmanship, and comprehensive personalization. Inspiration drawn from contemporary culture is combined with an emphasis on tailoring and modern technology to create a streamlined, luxurious & sophisticated online experience.

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Choose Your Fabric from Sartoro and order your suit

Sartoro suits are made from scratch – everything starts with the fabric. To choose the fabric from the company, you should browse their collections to find the one that best fits your needs.

Choose your suit from Millions of Possible Combinations.

They create a unique garment from their wide range of options. Every suit can also be configured as a tuxedo as well.

Design Your Garment in Real-Time

Everything Sartoro products from the jacket type to lapels, lining, buttons, pockets, and more can be customized to your preference with their 3D suit configuration. The suit can be created and designed according to Your Size and shep.

Your Sartoro suit is made for you according to your size, height, etc. Their digital tailor will create your custom sizing profile in less than a minute.

The Online Digital Tailor helps to make your suit.

Digital Tailor from Sartoro only requires a few basic inputs, and they offer accurate measurements. You can get your custom size within less than one minute.

Your Sizing Profile Is Built

The digital tailor analyzes more than 50,000 body scans & data points to predict your measurements as accurately as an in-store fitting.

Increase your confidence with customize design suit

Through your measurements, the company’s tailoring team is able to create a suit that will suit you like a glove out of the box – which they have promised their customers. 

 Get fast and free shipping

Sartoro sends their order to the Proper place within three weeks of making the order, which is much faster than the other company. 

Fittings are guaranteed

Sartoro provides a truly custom experience. Their sizing tech is almost always on the spot, so if your suit isn’t made properly, the company promises to cover the cost for all the changes because it promises a perfect fit. 

Sartoro Tailoring Process

Their expert tailors have decades of experience. You can have your suit delivered to your door in just a few weeks. 

Sartoro launched his first collection in August 2020 with over 50 luxury fabrics and over 100 customization options. The company prides itself on being the best online-only boutique. They can reduce the unnecessary costs and trivial costs that come with brick and mortar stores and intelligently optimizes operations.

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