Books to Read After Breakup

Books to Read After Breakup

Getting over a heartbreak is one of the toughest things to do. So many people suggest so many ways to forget about a breakup. But the one going through it only knows the pain he is going through and no tips and tricks will help them in completely forget about the breakup.

Although there are some solutions that might help you heal in a step-by-step manner and this can only be done with the help of books. Here, in this article you will get to know about the best books t read after breakup so that you can completely understand the value of everything.

When Heart Advices for Things Difficult Times Fall Apart

With her experience in this book, When Heart Advices for Things Difficult Times Fall Apart, Pema Choedroen provides a clear and a deep understanding of looking at things. She talks to us about the large potential for peace, wisdom and patience even in the most painful situations.

 This book shows us living compassionately can help us in facing all the painful emotions in the perfect manner. The advice and wisdom in this book will definitely give you the courage to fight with difficult times.

Getting Past your Breakup

Are you tired of running after that one person, you cannot accept the grief of them leaving you? If yes, then this book Getting Past your Breakup by Susan J Elliott is the best guide for you. Here, you will learn about the best ways of forgetting the pain of any breakup or divorce.

You will get ideas about self-healing, attaining the confidence back and getting true love. After this book, you will no longer run after your ex and will have a painless and free life.

Playing with Matches

This is a rom-com book written by Hannah Orenstein. It is about a young matchmaker who is busy looking after her own personal life and the wants of her eccentric clients. In this book you will get to know about the current tinder dating life and how to overcome some situations.

This is a pure, sweet and a funny story about the dating status of today’s swiping generation and about a woman who is trying to look for her place in the world. You will enjoy this book after a breakup and learn a few things.

This is How you Lose her

The book This is How you Lose her is a collection of short stories written by Junot Diaz. In this book all the stories speak about the personal experience of his love life. He speaks all his multiple complicated and problematic love stories. You will get to know about how to handle the complex relationship situations.

Girl, Wash your Face

Girl, Wash your face written by Rachel Hollis is a self help book. The readers can learn from the personal experience of the writer about how she tackled all her issues. She has talked about her life as a mother, as a woman with insecurities with her body and her relations.

This book will help you in creating a never give up mind set that will give you the courage to face any situation and any difficulty that comes into your life. 


Breakup and heartbreak are something ach one of us have experienced and will experience in our lives. The main point about this is how to overcome the breakup completely, this is why the books mentioned above will provide you with the best solution at once.