5 Best Start-Up Books to Read

5 Best Start-Up Books to Read

Even though many creative thinkers and enthusiasts develop unique and beneficial start-up ideas, they face innumerable hurdles in transforming the idea into reality.

It’s never been easy for entrepreneurs to start their business and survive in the competition. That’s where the start-up guide books come to the rescue. In this article, we have picked out the five best start-up  books that will guide you towards the path of illumination and hope.

The $100 Start-Up

The $100 Start-up book was written to reinvent the way one can earn his living while following his dreams and desires. Chris Guillebeau wanted to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.

That’s why he invented ways to motivate and encourage them towards an adventurous life where they can follow their dreams. Chris pointed out several aspects of a start-up business and how to transform the idea into reality.

The book's main aim is to guide the entrepreneurs about how a start-up should focus on emotional benefits of customers, the effectiveness of Convergence, how to follow one’s passion only after identifying market, and so on.

Zero to one

Zero to One is the life story of Peter Thiel who himself is a successful entrepreneur. He had described that for earning success in a start-up  business, one needs to think wide about the future.

In this book, you can learn about his own experience of start-up  business, the struggles ha faced, how he overcame them, and others. He also focused on how your start-up idea can shape the future in a unique way.

Chris even said how monopolies can help in the success of the business. But, above all, the book delineates that a founder needs to set a proper vision that will act as the guiding star for them.


In Rework, the author has clearly challenged the ways big companies work. Jason Fried was himself an entrepreneur as he started BaseCamp- a tool for Ruby programming language.

The Rework book covers the three most important lessons for entrepreneurs and start-up businesspersons. First, long-hour discussions and meetings actually reduce productivity which is a huge threat for the start-up .

One needs to stand up for himself with courage and confidence for winning the fight. Also, Jason explained that a start-up business should be transparent and trustworthy, unlike big companies.

The lean start-up  

Eric Reas has made Vision, Steer, and Accelerate the three main pillars of his book- The Lean Start-up. This business guidance book is not only followed by entrepreneurs but also by several big giants.

Every word written in the book focuses on a changed and transformed world where establishing a start-up  and making it successful won’t be a hurdle anymore.

Start with why

Simon Sinek has penned down words about how men and women have overcome the challenges in the business world and established themselves as some of the most successful entrepreneurs.

Simon has said that to bring success to your start-up, you need to start with “why” and not “what”. People will ask about the purpose and why it has been adopted and not what are the purpose goals.

So, once you give them your answer, your business will begin flying with excellent colors.


Start-ups have more potential in changing the world than the established business. But to bring in success, you need to fight, stand up, and be creative. And to help you in that, The $100 Start-up  is best book out of the five names we have taken here. This book is not just about guiding entrepreneurs but also about encouraging them to think uniquely and out of their comfort zone.