A puzzle game with cubes is an interesting way to sharpen and recharge your brain. Creating a puzzle game is not new and has been around for many years. But its popularity increased during the last decade; today, it is one of the most popular games for kids and adults in all countries.

However, many platforms sell cubes to solve puzzles and entertain yourself. Wowcube is one such gaming platform that offers you to play casual, puzzles, and arcade games with a digital device, a cube. They are devoted to the creation and development of games that are simple, intuitive, and fun!

The platform aims to make the puzzle game industry more attractive and profitable. In addition, the creators believe that this learning environment can help children learn math and problem-solving skills through play. The following Wowcube reviews explain why this platform is an ideal choice for gaming and entertainment.

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Sharpen and Recharge Your Brain With Puzzle Games 

Wowcube is a new gaming platform that allows you to play puzzle games and other fun activities with the cube. There are many games on the market, but none of them has been able to satisfy your needs. So they have developed their game engine and created it for you!

Users can play almost all genres, like casual, arcades, puzzles, and educational. Their cube has a very advanced geometry and unique architecture compared to other devices. In addition, the platform provides an entirely new gaming experience. This comes with an entire store of games and applications you can download on android phones and tablets.

More about the gaming platform

The entertainment technology that the platform has developed is so unique. The system allows interaction with the digital world as we interact with real objects. Users can control the gameplay and characters’ behaviour by twisting the device and shaking and tilting it.

The games are designed so that users don’t need to stare at the screen constantly because the shape of the cube and gameplays encourage them to interact with it. The creators believe it puts less stress on users’ eyes because it’s a natural way we interact with daily objects.

According to the Wowcube reviews, the platform has helped many people in their lives by giving them fun and exciting moments through their puzzle games. The platform also provides an option to choose from over 40+ puzzle games, from easy to hard, which will keep your mind active and challenged.

Why is Wowcube the right platform for puzzle games?

Playing with the cube requires motor coordination and dexterity skill, which could be good for mental health. The company gives players hope that playing with the device could help children and adults develop motor-to-brain.

You can use any 24 screens to show your Instagram photos, the weather forecast, the stock market index, and other helpful information. It can also be linked to the Smart Home to monitor IoT devices. 

The platform has developed the Operation system, an open API, and an SDK to allow independent developers to create and sell their applications through its Store.   

Their games are a decentralized distributed program that works on 8 devices, so the user changes the topology of their connection while playing. Game characters move from side to side, and the game controls by switching geometry.

What are the different games and apps, and what’s the price range?

There’s something for everyone on the WOWCube Entertainment System. Hyperspace, which costs 9.99 CC$ in the Arcades category, is the most challenging game. The goal is to survive the battle against the whole fleet of alien ships! The creatures are flying over the entire surface of the cube, and your battleship automatically starts shooting when the enemy ships are within reach. 

Gran Trak 24, which cost 6.99 CS$, is not an ordinary racing game, just more than that. Experience the nostalgia of driving a car in the style of one of the most popular video games of the 70s. Build the road and make it to the finish line as fast as possible 

Shapes, this colourful puzzle challenges you with all sorts of conditions you’ve never seen before. The task is simple – gather all the pieces of an object to one side of the cube. The game is free to play and suitable for all 7+.

The aquarium is an app on Wowcube where you can enjoy the colourful sea world. So take a moment to relax and enjoy watching the fish peacefully swimming in the digital aquarium. 

Final Words

The idea behind Wowcube is to allow players to play their favourite games in an immersive environment. The main difference with the other gaming devices is that the entire surface of the cube is involved in the game. So what are you waiting for? Feed the fish in the aquarium, or enjoy a splash of colour. It’s good for relaxation.

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