The use of aprons is becoming more and more common in the kitchen and hospitality industry. However,  barbers/hairstylists use aprons to protect their hands from the chemicals used during hair styling.

Many artists also use aprons as an easy way to cover up their work clothes or when they want to draw something on a whiteboard to avoid distraction by other people’s attention.

Due to the rise in popularity of Aprons, there are many stores, such as Search and Rescue Denim Co, where you can find all kinds of aprons. Therefore, we recommend reading these Search and Rescue Denim Co reviews on why this store is the right one for quality aprons at affordable prices.

Search and Rescue Denim Co reviews

Search, and Rescue Denim Co is a leading apron store that offers a wide range of aprons in different styles and colors to suit your needs. They make aprons from high-quality materials and are built to last.

They also offer a variety of sizes to fit all body types, and their aprons come with adjustable straps for a comfortable fit. According to Search and Rescue Denim Co reviews, they also offer a wide range of colors to choose from, so you can find the perfect apron to match your style.

The stores’ aprons are perfect for any occasion. So whether you’re looking for a new apron for your barber shop, kitchen, or artist studio, they have the perfect apron for you. 

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More About the Store

Search and Rescue Denim Co is an online store specializing in aprons. The store offers a wide variety of aprons for both men and women. The store also sells custom-made aprons, and they have thousands of designs available to choose from.

Its mission is to provide aprons that withstand everyday use’s rigors. In addition, the company is committed to providing excellent customer service and offering a wide variety of aprons to meet the needs of its customers, including hairstylists, chefs, artists, etc.

Search and Rescue Denim Co is known for its high-quality aprons that are made with top-notch materials and have proved to be reliable regarding durability. In addition, they have a website that is easy to use and intuitive, where customers can find the best aprons based on their needs and budget.

What are the different types of Hair Stylist aprons available at Search and Rescue Denim Co?

Its Acid Burn Apron costs CAD 185 and is created by multiple bleaching and rinsing cycles. The finished look will blend red, yellow, orange, cream, and black.

A lightweight vinyl stylist apron that costs CAD 201 is fully Vegan when ordered with their Cotton Neck Strap and Cotton Waist Ties. Its leather barber and stylist apron costs $ 508 CAD and has two angled chest pockets, each with three slots for combs and clips.

Different types of Kitchen Aprons available

The store’s Bistro, which costs $65 is made by a professional grade poly-cotton twill that will stand up to demanding work environments. They make  Aloquette, which cost $65, is of durable poly cotton with soft cotton canvas waist ties that wrap around and tie in the back for a custom fit.

York Apron costs $98 and has a bar-tack stitch pocket, straps, and loop. Smoke & Fire BBQ Apron, which costs $181 is perfect for behind the grill, made with lightweight denim and handmade leather.

Different types of Aprons for Artists and accessories available.

They thoughtfully design artist and craftsperson aprons that are durable and versatile. These are perfect aprons for tattoo artists, painters, woodworkers, and makers. Its Utility apron costs $145 for whatever you are getting into, whether working on your motorcycle or cooking in the kitchen.

It’s a classic canvas split-leg apron that costs $230 and is removable adjustable black cotton x-back tie straps with gold brass clips. Their cotton webbing x-back straps cost $32 and are the perfect option to change the traditional neck and waist straps to an adjustable over-the-shoulder x-back.

Their adjustable leather neck for $7 is an excellent option for those who want to upgrade their cotton straps to leather or change things up from their other straps.

Final Words

Search and Rescue Denim Co is a one-stop shop for handmade and best quality denim, canvas, leather, and vegan leather Aprons. Looking for quality kitchen/hospitality aprons? Shop at their website and save 20% off on all black label +Gold label Aprons. Get free shipping for Canada offers over $150+.

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