Bamboo fly rods and bamboo fishing rod blanks are great for beginner anglers. You can use them for both wet-fly and dry-fly fishing. They are lightweight, easy to cast, and a great way to start with fly fishing. The bamboo rods come in various lengths and can be used with any line or fly you choose.

Bamboo rods also offer a great value proposition as they’re super light and easy to carry around without any damage or breaking when used in the field. However, with many options available, it might be challenging to choose the best company that makes the best quality bamboo fishing rods.

Therefore, we recommend reading the following Headwatersbamboo reviews to understand why this company is worth considering for the quality bamboo rod that will last you for years.

Headwaters Bamboo Reviews

HeadwatersBamboo is a family-owned business specializing in selling and manufacturing fly rods, reels, and fishing rod blanks. They have a strong reputation in the market because of the quality of their bamboo fly rods and blanks.

Their goal is to make the best bamboo fly rods on the market. They are a leading manufacturer and exporter of high-quality bamboo fishing rods and blanks.

Their manufacture bamboo rods using premium raw materials sourced from renowned vendors. The company has earned a good reputation in this domain due to its commitment to providing excellent services to clients.

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More about the company

The company has been in business since 2002 and has been manufacturing bamboo fly rods for over 15 years. They have become one of the largest manufacturers of bamboo fly rods in the United States because they believe in their products and stand behind them with a lifetime warranty against breakage or cracking.

Their bamboo rods have various lengths and you can use with any line or fly you choose. They also manufacture different grades of Bamboo fly rods with varying degrees of hardness and flexibility.

You can use their bamboo rod blanks to create custom fishing rods for customers who want the design or style on their rods. Most customers choose their rods because it gives them more control over the final product since they do not need to rely on an outside company to create their custom rod blank.

Why is Headwaters Bamboo store the right option for Bamboo rods?

Headwaters Bamboo is ideal for experienced anglers who want something more powerful than their normal size flies rods. These are also perfect for beginners who want to take their fishing game up a notch too!

They offer everything from affordable bamboo fly rods and spinning rods to top-quality custom rods of premium materials. They also have various accessories and other gear that will enable you to customize your bamboo rod or spin casting reel.

Headwatersbamboo has a large selection of rods available at affordable prices and even has some great deals on its website that you can use if you purchase more than one rod at a time. 

This means that if you want to fish with it right away or need something quickly, they have it available to help save time while also helping you save money.

What is the different Bamboo flying rods and blanks available at the store?

Headwatersbamboo’s Bamboo Rods are modern classic bamboo fly rods. They handcraft genuine Tonkin bamboo and then finish to perfection.

They make the favorite Series bamboo rods that cost $449  in blonde Bamboo with red wraps tipped black. These rods are two-piece and come with a rod sock and tube.

They make the Deluxe Series bamboo rods that cost $599 in blonde Bamboo with red wraps tipped black. These rods are two-piece and come with an extra tip section, rod sock, and tube.

With Deluxe Metolius fly rods that cost $329, you can outfit it with the hardware you like and can be fishing Bamboo in no time. The victory series bamboo fly rod blank, which cost $379 is for trout fishing in medium and larger waters.

What are the other classic gears available at the store?

Headwaters Bamboo carries all kinds of bamboo fly rod products and other classic gears, including the Clark Fork fly reel, which costs $219 and is a classic handbuilt click and pawl action reel to go along with your Headwaters bamboo fly rod.

Its sinking tip fly line costs $40 and features a 10-foot fast-sinking tip for fishing streamers, nymphs, and subsurface flies in deeper water and faster currents.

They make LX Series Silk Fly Line that costs $99, by hand using the finest quality pure Chinese silk. The taper is built by braiding the lines. The Cordura rod tube costs $29 and has a zipper closure and carrying straps. For a properly sized tube, you can choose your rod length.

Final Words

Bamboo is one of the biggest industries with vast growth potential. Headwaters bamboo is a company that manufactures high-quality bamboo fly rods and bamboo fishing blanks for anglers. Looking for the best fly rods for your next fishing? Shop at Headwaters bamboo for amazing rods and blanks. Get Free USPS Priority Mail Shipping on Orders Over $100.

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