AWeber vs GetResponse Comparison | Which is the best?

AWeber vs GetResponse Comparison | Which is the best?

Are you struggling to select the best email marketing solution to run your campaign successfully? The two best solutions available in the market include GetResponse and AWeber that many people are using and getting its benefits. Now the question is, which software is perfectly suited for your requirements. 

What is the job of AWeber and GetResponse?

AWeber and Getresponse are both powerful email marketing tools: 

  • Designing and creating attractive email templates 
  • hosting a mailing list
  • Sending e-newsletters out to the subscribers. 

Both these powerful email marketing tools were founded in 1998 with the same motivation that help to automate communication with customers through their autoresponder features. E-newsletters are automatically sent to subscribers according to your set rules.  Apart from these, AWeber and Getresponse allow you to do many more exciting things that you can enjoy while using the software. 

Compare the features of the AWeber to GetResponse?


Features are the essential factor that you should consider before using any software. When we are discussing the comparison of these two software here, we must mention their features first. Comparison of the key features offered by GetResponse and AWeber :

Email templates:

GetResponse offers more than 500 pre-built email templates and a drag-and-drop feature for creating attractive and business-centric emails which are perfect for any business. At the same time, AWeber offers over 700 email templates that are mobile-responsive and comes with a drag-and-drop editor. 

Personalize email:

GetResponse provides dynamic content options that allow the users to personalize each email. But, AWeber only provides its users with Customizable email automation that can trigger specific messages. It does not provide the personalized email option.

 Preview option

GetResponse has a preview option that allows the user to see or check the emails on the mobile device. AWeber does not have a preview option but helps you to schedule your email campaign completely in advance.


GetResponse also has a calendar that helps the users to organize and automate their campaigns properly and perfectly. AWeber does not come with Calendar, but it is also available in a mobile app that helps you manage your campaigns from anywhere and any corner of the world. 

"Perfect Timing'

With "Perfect Timing', GetResponse allows sending the messages to each active contract. AWeber can be opened and access on mobile through an app that helps users manages campaigns from every corner of the world. They do not face any problems while using it through mobile apps.

Analytics dashboard

GetResponse comes with an analytics dashboard that helps you see open data about opens, clicks, shares, and many more. AWeber comes with unique functionality that helps you to design and create segmented subscriber lists. And its Email tracking features help you to view and check the open rates, click-through, and many more.

Both tools cover the essential features to make the email campaign successful. But according to reviews, the GetResponse offers more functionality than AWeber for creating and customize emails. Its Perfect Timing feature is very effective in maximizing open rates. At the same time, AWeber offers the automation options that make it perfectly optimized for android.  

Pros and Cons of AWeber and GetResponse



    • AWeber is an easy to access and simple way to automate your emails. With its new and unique drag and drop editor features, it supports email automation needs.

    • AWeber is very easy to use and it has a friendly user interface.

    • AWeber comes with Over 700 templates

    • It gives you a 30 day free trial to test things out.


    • AWeber does not have any free plan.

    • There are some keywords that are not allowed to be used in your emails while you are using them otherwi the software shuts down your account immediately.

    •  With Aweber, You're not allowed to import the subscribers from a third party.



    • GetResponse offers very good templates for any topic to be addressed in the campaign.

    •   Creating campaign in GetResponse is extremely easy, it takes only a few minutes.

    • It offers very good templates for any topic to be addressed in the campaign. GetResponse comes with more than 500 professionally designed email templates. 

    • Its statistics system is very detailed and accurate.


    • GetResponse prices are considerably high

    • GetResponse has a complicated implementation.

    •   It is difficult to visualize the progress of each campaign on GetResponse since it is not reflected in real-time.

Free Plan: 

You cannot get any free plan while subscribing the GetResponse, but AWeber allows you to get started for FREE in some crucial sectors like:

    • Email marketing and landing pages

    • Integrations

    • Campaign automation

    • Web Push Notifications

    • Free migration service

    • 24/7 customer solutions access by phone/email/chat

Getresponse pricing vs. AWeber pricing

These two tools cover all the essentials needed for a successful email campaign. 

When comparing AWeber vs. Getresponse, you will find that Getresponse and AWeber  Basic plans are almost identical, all designed according to the tool's features.  

Reviews and research say that Getresponse is an affordable solution from AWeber. If you have a list of 500 to 1,000 subscribers, you can save up to $14.99 per month using the Getresponse' email' plan instead of AWeber. 

If the list has more than 1,000 subscribers, each Getresponse's 'Basic' plan effectively comes in at a lower price of $ 4.99 per month than the AWeber plan. 

If you want to get the information about the difference between these plans of Getresponse, you should know that it depends on how many subscribers you can include in your list. But, all the features of AWeber are included with the cheapest plan. If you have more than 25,000 customers who need a room, you can also get a personalized quote for that. 

Customer Support

We know that manufacturers or traders are not always interested in 9 to 5 schedules and do not improve. If your business is a way of your side income, you can't afford to work beyond the traditional deadline. AWeber is committed to helping you any time when you want. You can call or live chat any time in customer care; their knowledgeable customer care team is willing to help you 24*7 days a week. At the same time, GetResponse offers only phone support if you are on their expensive premium level, GetResponse Max, which needs at least 100,000 users and costs more than $1,000+ a month.